Utterly endearing.

Kirkus (US)

Where is Pim?


Pom is playing with Pim, until suddenly Pim disappears!
Pom and the dog look everywhere. Where is Pim?


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    Where is Pim? A wonderfully simple story for toddlers. Told with few words, humour, unique illustrations, and heart.

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    Country of Origin Sweden
    Reader Age 0-2 year, 2-5 year, 5-7 year
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  • Reviews

    1. Kirkus (US), May 2015

      The Landstr”ms pull off such expressive, yet minimal, lines; the books shine with an understated humor; and they nail the emotional highs and lows of a toddler’s day. … Utterly endearing.

    2. Little Treasures (NZ), May 2015

      A lovely story for toddlers about the importance of friendship, with distinctive illustrations that add a touch of humour.

    3. The Source (NZ), March 2015

      [The] illustrations are a perfect complement to the simple language (and sprightly story).

    4. Bookrapt (NZ), reviewed by Penny Guy, February 2015

      Ideal for toddlers who are just coming to terms with the big, wide world.

    5. Tall, Short, Tiny and a Pickle (NZ), February 2015

      Funny, exciting and bold; so much happens in so few pages, told with so few words.

    6. School Library Journal (US), February 2015

      Unique and childlike … The text and the illustrations complement each other perfectly, offering a book suited equally well to one-on-one or group sharing.

    7. Reading Today (US), January 2015

      Complimented perfectly with expressive illustrations … the storyline will resonate with young readers and their parents.

    8. Picturebooksblogger (UK), November 2014

      This heart-warming tale is perfect for toddlers and very early readers with an effective simplicity and humour … Definitely one to read aloud with your young ones and one you’re bound to return to.

  • Reviews

    1. Felecia Phillips

      I just loved this book; it took me back to when my daughter was young and she lost a similar item like Pim. The emotions in the illustrations were fantastic and so spot on to real life expressions. This book would be wonderful to share with early readers because of the use of so many repetitive words and phrases. I would recommend this book to school libraries who want a good book to use with K – 1 student’s to teach them to read or to use with children to learn facial expressions.
      A good resource for teaching reading and the concept of lost & found.
      Felecia Phillips
      Tasmanian eSchool
      Library Technician

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