Eriksson’s illustrations convey intelligence, sensitivity and amusement in the young heroine.

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Watch Out for the Crocodile


With a bit of imagination, anything can become an adventure.


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    A delightful picture book about a father and daughter’s trip into the wilderness, and how children can help parents see the world in a different way.

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    Country of Origin Sweden
    Reader Age 5-7 year
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      Eriksson’s illustrations convey intelligence, sensitivity and amusement in the young heroine.

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      A delightful picture book.

    3. :

      A picture book of childhood imagination … Lovely story told in simple text and illustrated beautifully … A great read-a-loud for juniors and a bed time story for pre-schoolers.

    4. :

      A warm-hearted and realistic story about a father/daughter combination! A charming and fun story.

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      [The] skilful combination of text and illustration is book design of the highest order. It is also great fun.

    6. :

      Toughie Tora is going camping with her dad. He’s only interested in the birds, but she’s inclined to see wild animals – plus ants, trolls and the occasional fairy – until the final pages. The author’s mother, Astrid Lindgren award-winning illustrator Eva Eriksson, whimsically integrates imaginary creatures into real-life landscapes.

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      The delicate illustrations echo the feel of the book beautifully and give lots to look at and discuss.

    8. :

      This story says so much about the distinctly different worlds adults and children inhabit… I love love looooooved that this story features a father/daughter adventure, of the very best kind!

    9. :

      An evocative nod to the power of lateral thinking and flights of fancy.

    10. :

      A perceptive father and daughter story laced with humour and observations from a child’s point-of-view … Fathers will enjoy sharing this pleasure-filled story with their daughters. Who knows what journeys it will encourage them to take together?

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