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Timeline Activity Book


Companion to the international bestseller Timeline by Peter Goes, with drawings, puzzles and creative projects alongside snippets of history from around the world.

  • Description

    Introducing the Timeline Activity Book

    Find hours of entertainment and spark your creativity with this fascinating journey through the history of our world. Continue to learn about culture, history and design by making your own mark. In this activity book you will:
    • Draw the meteorite that made the dinosaurs go extinct
    • Complete the Viking ships and decorate them
    • Spot the differences in busy Byzantium
    • Make a monogram of your own name
    • Draw the Tower of Babel as high as you can
    • Escape from a medieval maze and sure the rats don’t catch you
    • Use code to read a secret message by a Cold War spy
    • Decorate the Berlin Wall with your own graffiti
    • and much more!

  • Reviews

    1. Heidi Rojek, City Book Review (US)

      This companion book for the international bestseller, Timeline, will spark your creativity.

    2. Outside In World (UK)

      There is so much here that will inspire any child and get them interested in history.

    3. Youth Services Book Review (US)

      This is a fun choice for students who enjoy history and art.

    4. Being A Mummy (US)

      I think this would make the ideal book for any child (or adult- i’m tempted to buy my own copy) for Christmas.

    5. My Best Friends Are Books (NZ)

      There is so much variety in this book and it will keep anyone entertained for many, many hours. The pages can also be detached from the book so you can hang your masterpieces on the wall or share them with friends. This is a must-buy Christmas present for older children.

Available worldwide from your local bookstore or online.

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