Barbara Else’s storytelling skills have reached a new level of total and utter brilliance.

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The Volume of Possible Endings (A Tale of Fontania)

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  • Description

    In The Volume of Possible Endings, Dorrity is the only child in magic-free Owl Town. When she finds an enchanted book with dire predictions, she must face her enemies. And who is the strange boy who has appeared in the Beastly Dark?

    This stand-alone pre-teen adventure/fantasy novel is the third book in the “Tales of Fontania” series of novels.

  • Book Details

    Country of Origin New Zealand
    Reader Age 11-14 year, 8-12 year
    Book Size

  • Reviews

    1. Poetry Box (NZ), December 2014

      [It] serves music and magic in equal measure. The detail is magnificent. The sentences marvellous. The characters magical. The story mesmerising.

    2. Booksellers, We Love Books (NZ), December 2014

      With rich prose, magic, adventure and a metal boy with a heart of red jasper, Barbara Else’s storytelling skills have reached a new level of total and utter brilliance.

    3. The New Zealand Herald, November 2014

      Another delightfully visual hardback, with charming illustrations this is Else’s third story from the magical land of Fontania … and possibly the best.

    4. Your Weekend (NZ), November 2014

      An excellent tale of magic, adventure, invention, humour and silliness [and] snappy, witty dialogue between the characters.

    5. Create A Kids Book (Aus), October 2014

      Exciting and fun and full of action, with a wonderful feisty heroine.

    6. Kirkus Reviews (US), October 2014

      Else contrives a plot that leaves neither characters nor readers much chance to catch their breaths . An entertaining romp, more comical than scary and with a poignant but hopeful close.

    7. Book Trailers for Kids and YA (NZ), October 2014

      Told with humour and fast-paced, this is a winner.

    8. Bookrapt (NZ), October 2014

      This enthralling tale can be read as a stand-alone novel or as part of the award-winning Fontania series. All three books in the series will appeal to pre-teens who enjoy well-written stories with a touch of magic, humour, and plenty of action.

    9. Waikato Times (NZ), November 2014

      Satisfying plot with plenty of action, magic and a touch of humour.

    10. Janet Croft Book Reviews (Australia), September 2014

      This is a wonderfully fanciful, but interesting and pleasant story, which I enjoyed very much. Outstanding reading for bright 9-12 year olds.

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