An enchanting tale of bravery and loyalty. It will remind readers that the world can be a magical place.

Jean Bennett, Bookrapt (NZ)

Dappled Annie and the Tigrish

Dappled Annie and the Tigrish is an adventurous and dramatic story combined with gentleness and strong characterisation.

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  • Description

    Dappled Annie and the Tigrish is a beautifully written novel.  It is about nature, siblings, bravery and a touch of something magical.

    There are faces in the hedge at the end of the garden, and a nest of tiny fantails.  That’s where 9-year-old Annie goes to play one hot summer while her father works up at the lighthouse.

    One after another, an earthquake and a terrible wind leave Annie with losses that seem irreplaceable. Her little brother Robbie emerges as the only person who can help her find what she’s lost.

    Him and the tigrish.

  • Book Details

    Country of Origin New Zealand
    Reader Age 6-8 year
    Book Size

  • Reviews

    1. LIANZA Esther Glen Junior Fiction Award


    2. Kirkus Reviews

      Best Books of 2014

  • Reviews

    1. Best Books 2014, The Listener (NZ), November 2014

      Lyrical writing and beautiful illustrations make Mary McCallum’s first novel for children, about a lighthousekeeper’s daughter and her pesky younger brother, a treat worth pursuing.

    2. School Library Journal (US), September 2014

      [Annie and her brother Robbie] explore their world with curiosity and excitement … Fans of magical adventures along the lines of Daniel Pinkwater’s ‘Mrs. Noodlekugel’ will enjoy this mystical romp.

    3. Sydena Biddle (age 17), Gisborne Herald (NZ), July 2014

      I was fascinated by the winds that introduced the creature of the Tigrish, by the liveliness of fantails speaking ‘Pick! Pick! Pick! Pick! Me!’ and inspired by the way Annie found her bravery by protecting her little brother.

    4. Gemma Lovewell (age 8), Porirua Library Junior Journal (NZ), July 2014

      It is easy to follow the story if you get lost in Annie’s world. I like getting lost in books, so I liked this book

    5. Starred Review, Kirkus (US), July 2014

      [An] exceptional debut novel for middle graders … Nature facts mingle easily with the supernatural, and gentle humor is omnipresent.
      Both cinematic and pleasingly literary, this will keep readers entranced.

    6. Bob’s Books Blog (NZ), January 2014

      An original story of childhood imagination. Excellently illustrated by Annie Hayward’s drawings and colour paintings.
      For primary aged students and adults who don’t want to grow up, in their minds of course.

    7. New Zealand Books, June 2014

      [Annie is] brimming with imagination, convincingly censorious and quizzical, sturdy and stoic. Life becomes extraordinary for her, and by association for any child reading about her … a story which will leave its readers feeling elevated and empowered.

    8. Books for Keeps (UK), March 2014

      The writing is very carefully crafted but never overt or obtrusive. It conjures up an idyllic and almost lost world. The beauty of the writing will engage children and adults alike.

    9. Creating a Kids Book (Australia), April 2014

      Celebrates responsibility, kindness and understanding, both to often-annoying younger siblings, to magical creatures and to the natural things that surround Annie. It is a powerful story, quite addictive.

    10. Family Times (NZ), April 2014

      A fanciful and charming tale.

    11. The Source (Australia/NZ), April 2014

      This richly-textured, beautifully written fantasy is a vivid portrayal of a child’s growing awareness of the insecurities of the world beyond the garden, while drawing out the magic in everyday life.

    12. Kate de Goldi, Radio New Zealand

      My goodness, this is beautiful writing. It is clear, clean but textured … persuasive and imagistic – the visuals that she paints are so beautiful.

    13. Paula Green, Poetry Box Blog (NZ), March 2014

      A gorgeous book to hold (this is important) and it has delicious illustrations that catch your EYE… It is a bit like a fable, something magical, and something altogether wonderful to read. Mary’s sentences are like little jewels.

    14. We Love Books, Booksellers Blog, March 2014

      I love the way Mary McCallum brings a wonderful child-level view to the world… This is a thoroughly New Zealand adventure and delightful story.

    15. Tots to Teens (NZ), February 2014

      This book is destined to become a childhood favourite.

    16. Children’s Bookshop Newsletter (NZ), February 2014

      With themes of nature, sibling relationship, loyalty, bravery and adventure, this lovely timeless story for ages 7 to 10 will appeal to fans of Kate DiCamillo.

    17. Jean Bennett, Bookrapt (NZ), February 2014

      an enchanting tale of bravery and loyalty. It will remind readers that the world can be a magical place.

    18. Around the Bookshops (NZ), January 2014

      The writer has managed to enter into the mind and feelings of a nine-year-old child so we see a new world through her eyes in lightly etched descriptions and ideas that are never overdone. The book is written in such a way it would be a pleasure to read aloud to an appreciative group. I envy the teacher or librarian, parent or caregiver who has the opportunity.

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