An on-target picture of the bluster of boyhood.

Publishers Weekly (US)

Anton and the Battle

Little boys and their (imaginary) toys make for a very real story of rivalry and friendship…
Kirkus Reviews (US), March 2013

  • Description

    Anton and his friend Luke fight an epic battle to be declared the strongest—but will they be outdone by a puppy?

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    Country of Origin Germany
    Reader Age 2-5 year
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  • Reviews

    1. Monkey Makes Three (NZ), October 2013

      This is a book that every little boy should have in their collection. It’s a war of imagination … The book is filled with lots of laugh out loud moments as the competition gets wilder and wilder.

    2. Inis – The Children’s Books Ireland Magazine, November 2013

      Another charming and well-crafted picturebook…Ole K”nnecke illustrates their competitiveness in a highly inventive and innovative way, as he gives shape to the boys’ imaginations… This book reminded me of a cross between Tintin and Harold and the Purple Crayon and I’m sure that before long Ole K”nnecke’s books will also join the ranks of these classic works.

    3. One Great Book Blog, September 2013

      This book is for kids who like to laugh… what makes this book so funny is that it rings true to so many conversations you will find on the playground.

    4. The Children’s Bookshop, Term 1 2013

      The stars of Anton Can Do Magic feature in another funny, child-centred book full of imagination, exaggeration and bravado … Great fun for boys, especially, aged 3 to 6.

    5. School Librarian Journal, Summer 2013

      Imaginations run wild in this battle of wills … Clever use of line drawings and colour distinguish real from imaginary.

    6. Weekend Press, April 2013

      The cartoon illustrations use special colours to show the imaginary objects as the two boys escalate their conflict from lifting logs through picking up pianos to brandishing bombs. The unexpected arrival of a puppy changes the nature of the conflict and brings a witty conclusion.

    7. Magpies, July 2013

      Despite its simplicity and minimalist presentation, Anton and the Battle is a thoroughly engaging picture book that will resonate with very young readers, who will chuckle at the silliness and absurdity of the rapidly escalating competitive conflict.

    8. Swings and Roundabouts, June 2013

      This is a story that will definitely appeal to all children and especially boys, with its humorous text and illustration… A simple book and definitely a quick, fun easy read at mat time.

    9. Animals Voice, June 2013

      Anton and his friend Luke fight an epic battle to be declared the strongest – but will they be outdone by a puppy? This is a funny picture book, full of imagination.

    10. ABC Local Radio (Qld), June 2013

      Much in the vein of Peanuts, it’s a beauty for reading aloud with littlies or for 5+ to read on their own. Very minimal text and fantastic minimalist drawings. Definitely one boys will love! Enchanting.

    11. Listener, February 2013

      Typical boys [who] engage in classic ‘mine’s bigger than yours’ challenges … the hero [Anton] faces off with his friend in competitions – cleverly realised through line drawings – until a dog frightens them into an alliance … but not for long.

    12. New York Times, Sunday Book Review, May 2013

      This is the third book about Musketeer-hatted Anton (known as Anthony in the first translation of this European import), and the hero is as relatable and appealing as ever. Neither boy can declare victory, but the book is a winner.

    13. Kirkus Reviews, April 2013

      This is another winning tale from K”nnecke, perfect for very young readers…It’s very funny (and, incidentally, would be great paired with Antoinette Portis’ Not a Box), and once again K”nnecke proves that he instinctively understands the way children think.

    14. School Library Journal (US), March 2013

      This funny story is a refreshing admission of the way children interact with their instinct for dominance. The layout features generous white backgrounds against which Anton and Luke look small, bright, and wonderfully alive. A small treasure.

    15. Tomorrow’s Schools Today, March 2013

      This book is a fantastically humorous story about rivalry, friendship and fighting using imagination rather than physical force. It is a child centred picture book for readers over four, but adults might find similarities between the themes and some of the things that happen in the adult world.

    16. Kirkus Reviews, March 2013

      Little boys and their (imaginary) toys make for a very real story of rivalry and friendship…Five-year-olds the world over (this was first published in Germany) will recognize the conversations and the friendship in this sweet book.

    17. Kitty as a Picture blog, February 2013

      Here you’ll find the true props of boyish play – mallets and bombs, lions, tigers and dragons…The strength and simplicity of the illustrations really pack a punch – which of course is very fitting!

    18. Publishers Weekly (US), January 2013

      An on-target picture of the bluster of boyhood.

    19. Bookrapt, January 2013

      The boys’ fierce attitude to the duel is both humorous and realistic. But can there be any winners when friends become rivals for supremacy?
      Konnecke perceptively develops the characters of the two young boys flexing their muscles.

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