It’s a joy to come across books that really embrace the fun and silliness of childhood

Rhino Reads (UK)

A Deal’s a Deal

Simon—the little rabbit from Poo Bum and Stupid Baby—is back!

Translated by Linda Burgess

  • Description

    Simon—the little rabbit from Poo Bum and Stupid Baby—is back!

    Simon and his friend Ferdinand are playing with their cars.

    Simon has a yellow one, a blue one, and a green one. But when he spots Ferdinand’s extraordinary red car, he must have it! And so begin the negotiations…

    Will someone end up with more than he bargained for?

  • Book Details

    Country of Origin France
    Reader Age 2-5 year, 5-7 year
    Book Size

  • Reviews

    1. Read it, Daddy!

      Stephanie’s books are always funny, anarchic, and of course achieve that magical balance of allowing kids to vicariously live through the somewhat unsavoury behaviour of the book’s characters, hopefully learning from the moral that each story gently weaves in.

    2. The Source (Aus), December 2014

      Great fun to read but also carries a useful message for young readers, especially those with cunning friends. [The] illustrations are bold and colourful, nicely contrasted by the changing colours of the text pages.

    3. Bob’s Books Blog (NZ), October 2013

      The coup de grace is again the ending. Kids will love it just as they have Poo Bum.

    4. SLA Magazine (UK), April 2014

      Children accustomed to making deals will appreciate the twist and turns of the scheming pair and this will be fun to read aloud or to share.

    5. The Source (Aus), February 2014

      The result is a happy ending for Simon, some (enjoyably yukky) justice for Ferdinand, and gleeful amusement at tables turned for the reader… great fun to read but also carries a useful message for young readers, especially those with cunning friends.

    6. Rotorua Daily Post, December 2013

      Stephanie Blake astutely captures the negotiations young children demonstrate when playing with popular toys… Vivid illustrations and strong black-line art combine with excellent read-aloud text and an ending sure to elicit laughter from everyone.

    7. North and South Best Books for Christmas, December 2013

      Introduces basic numbers, plus ideas of trading and fairness, within a fun story about a mischievous rabbit who gets his own back after a car-swap goes wrong.

    8. New Zealand Herald `Best Books to give and receive’, November 2013

      This hardback shares the same bold and bright illustrative style of the previous two tales and their cheeky humour. When Simon is conned out of his favourite cars by sly friend Ferdinand, he plots his revenge – topped with a masterstroke kids will love.

    9. Rhino Reads (UK), November 2013

      It certainly didn’t disappoint… All hail Stephanie Blake for showing children as they really are…it’s a joy to come across books that really embrace the fun and silliness of childhood, that get down and dirty with the poo bums and the bogeys of the playground…So, embrace your inner 4 year old, grab a copy of these books and be silly, be rude, have fun!

    10. Tall, Short, Tiny and Pickle Blog, November 2013

      If ever a book was written with the humour of a three-and-a-half-year-old in mind, A Deal’s a Deal is that book…sure to be a hit with children of any age – it’s a good learning tool as well as a chance for a good giggle.

    11. Parents in Touch (UK), November 2013

      A story of friendship – but will the friendship survive the breaking of a very special car? Children will love the surprising – and very gross – ending.

    12. Read it Daddy! Blog, October 2013

      Some children’s authors have an innate understanding of what can make a child dissolve into a fit of snortles, giggles and sniggers. Stephanie Blake definitely has that particular Jedi mind power down pat… a delightful and rib-tickling story.

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