Book list for fostering empathy

This month’s book list has been collated by Bob Lingle from Off the Beaten Path Bookstore. The store is located in the Village of Lakewood, New York, with a focus on fostering empathy, to curate titles for the community that promote understanding, diversity, and creativity.

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Dulcinea reading to duck and dog (c) Ole Konnecke
Image © Ole Könnecke from Dulcinea in the Forbidden Forest

Our store has a specific focus on fostering empathy. So I’ve decided to choose empathy as the theme for my list.

If you come to earth coverIf You Come to Earth written and illustrated by Sophie Blackall

How would you describe every aspect of Earth to someone who doesn’t live here? If You Come to Earth offers a child’s perspective on this blue ball we all inhabit together.






The Someone New coverThe Someone New by Jill Twiss, illustrated by EG Keller

The unknown can be scary, even when the unknown is a potential new friend. The Someone New expresses the importance of being open and understanding when confronted with unexpected change.





A Kids Book About Racism coverA Kids Book About Racism by Jelani Memory

A Kids Book About Racism uses very clear language while discussing a difficult topic, and offers conversation prompts for kids and adults to keep talking.






Just Ask Be Different, Be Brave, Be You coverJust Ask!: Be Different, Be Brave, Be You by Sonia Sotomayor, illustrated by Rafael López

It’s okay to be different, and each of our differences bring something beneficial to a community.






Welcome to Bobville City of Bobs coverWelcome to Bobville: City of Bobs by Jonah Winter, illustrated by Bob Staake

As a fellow Bob, I was drawn to this book. Welcome to Bobville encourages you to embrace your individuality and find happiness outside of your comfort zone.






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