A whole town (and even more) to listen to Joy Cowley

Last Sunday, the grey sky and the drizzle were a call to stay in and to gather all the family to celebrate Mother’s Day. After lunch, you were quite a few to have another great idea: to go to Featherston Booktown 2018. Gecko Press was there, as was one of our favourite curiously good writer: Joy Cowley.

What a nice adventure it was to walk around town to spot some characters of the most famous literary classics such as Where the Wild Things are or Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland! Then, you were able to have some rest into Anzac Hall where you could enjoy both curiously good books and some lovely cakes with hot chocolate at the same time.

Featherston Booktown 2018

However, the best part of the afternoon was Joy Cowley storytime at The Royal Hotel. More than a hundred of people could listen to the author reading Snake and Lizard and others of her books. All the room was filled with laughs and gasps while little and old ones alike discovered and rediscovered the author’s best stories. For an hour, the audience was captivated, and, at the end, children’s questions burst out.

Joy Cowley Reading Snake and Lizard

Then it was time to meet and to chat with Joy Cowley as she was signing books. Such a sweet moment to enjoy!