Support an important book, it will help a school!

The Old Manby Sarah V andClaude Dubois – released this month – is an important book that looks in the eye a story we see on our streets every day but often choose to ignore. It’s a book full of compassion without sentimentality… No judgements, no rights and wrongs.

This is the story of a person with no job, no family, no home—a nobody, who can’t even remember his name. But his day changes when he is noticed by a child.

At Gecko Press, we love the way stories can sometimes help us talk about difficult subjects. We want to keep on publishing books that make a difference.

We think The Old Man should be in every school… In April, donate a copy of The Old Man to a school (New Zealand only) and the school will go in the draw to win 10 curiously good books!

If you don’t know which school to choose, write a comment in your order and we’ll find one for you. Order at geckopress.comDraw 30 April at 5pm.

“This is an extraordinary book, one that can make the needed connection for young children to see human beings as more than their circumstances.” Kirkus Starred Review