Stories of the Night – The New York Times

Stories of the Night has been chosen by The New York Times ‘Nighttime Picture Books to Put Children to Bed’ List.  Read the full article here:

“Kitty Crowther’s STORIES OF THE NIGHT is a blissful release into the world of wonder. I would like to give this book as a gift to every child, every person in my life. Its magic is first evident in its revealing dedication: “For Sara Donati, who slept one night at my house, and dreamed that I made a book called ‘Short Stories of the Night’ with a pink cover and a handwritten title.” Crowther has made Donati’s dream come true. This magical totem of a book bursts with beauty, absurdity, generosity and the surprise of the natural world. Crowther makes new myths as she presents a mama bear who tells her child three bedtime stories.

Stories of the Night. The New York Times

In one story, the Night Guardian, with her small gong and illuminated hair, tells Earth’s creatures (fish, ants, mushrooms, ermines and humans) when it is time for bed, uniting all life in the magical, unconscious hours of dream and possibility. In another, Zhora, a brave girl who hopes to find the darkest blackberry, is rewarded for her courage: a berry as large as her tiny body and a new friend in Jacko Mollo the bat.”