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Manuscript submissions

Our submission guidelines

Gecko Press publishes a limited number of books every year, and 85 percent of them are books translated from other languages. This means we only publish a very small number of original titles.

We only accept submissions if your work is recommended to us by an agent, manuscript assessor or book industry contact or if you have been previously published.

If you do not fit this, you may not hear a response to your submission.

We are currently not accepting any international submissions unless through an agent.

Submission instructions

Please submit your manuscripts typed, double-spaced, with a wide margin. All pages should be numbered.

Illustrators may send a link to a portfolio; in general we do not accept emailed manuscript submissions.

Your manuscript should be accompanied by:

1. A cover letter

2. A list of any previous work you have had published, awards you have won and some background information about yourself.

3. If appropriate, samples of illustrations (not originals).

4. Self-addressed pre-paid packaging, if you wish to have your material returned. If you do not include a self-addressed stamped envelope, your manuscript will be destroyed.

Please note that Gecko Press does not carry insurance for submitted manuscripts, so always keep a copy of your work.

Post manuscripts to:

Gecko Press
PO Box 9335
Wellington 6141
New Zealand

What happens next?

We will post you an acknowledgement within ten days of receiving your submission.

We do not offer a response or feedback on unsuccessful submissions—this is because our feedback would be by necessity shallow and therefore not helpful. For a full assessment try the NZAMA (New Zealand Association of Manuscript Assessors).

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