Else has built a fantastical world, rich in detail and imagination.

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Harsu and the Werestoat

Fairytale, time travel and adventure for middle readers.

Written by Barbara Else

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  • Description

    Harsu has five droplets of god blood and a treasured cloak to remember his father by.

    Now his father is gone, he lives with his mother, his only friend an old onager donkey. And something is not right with Harsu’s mother. She has started kidnapping children, and sometimes her skin grows a soft down, little sharp ears emerge, and she turns into a horrible stoat.

    Harsu doesn’t know if five godlet drops are enough to help him rescue the kidnapped children and turn his own mother to good. And now that he is twelve, he too might be becoming a were-animal …

  • Book Details

    Reader Age 8-12 year
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  • Reviews

    1. Armadillo Magazine (UK)

      The book is a powerful fantasy for readers aged ten to twelve.

    2. Books for Topics

      Harsu and the Werestoat is an enjoyable read which has some lovely descriptions. I plan to read this to my class as soon as possible!

    3. Reading Zone

      This is a story probably completely unlike any other you have read before. Part myth, part history, part fantasy, part time travel and all adventure, this is a very unusual tale.

    4. Booksellers New Zealand’s blog

      The more I got into this book I realised that this was a modern-day fairy tale. Not all fairy stories I grew up with necessarily had happy beginnings or endings. This has a great ending that most would be happy with.

    5. NZ Booklovers

      Harsu and the Werestoat is a surprising read. Else has built a fantastical world, rich in detail and imagination. It is a book that will delight those that tumble into Harsu’s world.

    6. The Children’s Bookshop

      Else, whose Tales of Fontania quartet won much acclaim, builds a fantastical world in her new novel for age 10+. She incorporates humour, character, drama and morality in a tale of good versus evil. Harsu is a delightful character and a good and loyal friend who, in spite of his upbringing, manages to choose the right way to live.

    7. Poetry Box (NZ)

      This is such a gripping, marvellous book I can’t wait for you to discover its magical highways, its fascinations and its gripping secrets. I do hope this is the first of a series! Highly recommended.

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