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At Gecko Press, we believe that one good book can spark a lifetime love of reading.

We have built a digital and real-life community where people can share knowledge about great books for children (not just our books) and find creative ways to encourage children to love to read.

Friends of Gecko Press takes books to places they are not normally found and works with anyone who wants to encourage a child to love to read. This community brings together the entire book ecosystem – libraries, booksellers, schools, families, children.

If you want our help to organize an event, create a book club, or if you have ideas to promote children’s books and reading, please become a Friend of Gecko Press and share them with us.

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Gecko Press Blog:
Time to be brave: publishing in a pandemic


Julia Marshall started Gecko Press in 2005 when she discovered that Ulf Stark’s classic Can You Whistle, Johanna? had been translated into 20 languages but not English…and that was the start of being brave for Gecko Press.

15 years on and in the middle of a pandemic, Julia reflects on publishing children’s books.

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Book list: Stories that teach kindness

Book List of the month: Stories that teach kindness

This month’s book list is from Bridget Schaumann, Chair of the Dunedin Writers and Readers Festival Trust.

As Bridget says on the books in her list, “[these books] melted my cynical old heart, I guarantee you’ll feel that too with these treasures.”

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Book Talk

The particularities of translating children’s books

A good translation is all in the detail; the result often reflects the amount of effort put in to giving every word its due and making the multitudes of small decisions that can make or break the book. A good translation will not be rushed.

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Book Lists, Book Talk

Book list: Silent children’s books

In this month of noise, we’ve made a list of silent books.

We were very pleased to have three Gecko Press books selected for the International Board on Books for Young People (IBBY) 2021 silent book collection, with Aleph by Janik Coat chosen as an Honour Book.

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Book Talk

Gecko Press Guaranteed Good Gift Guide

It’s a fun time of year to choose books, so we’ve chosen some favourites, for everyone from peek-a-boo toddlers to speedy preschoolers and adventure-loving book-gobblers.

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Book Talk

Hello from next year!

All publishers become used to working with a sort of temporal displacement. Books take at least six months to get from finished manuscript to book…

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Book Lists

Book list of good ideas from our 2021 books

Looking back on what we published in 2021 we noticed some unexpected recurring themes. They turned out to be a pretty good list of ideas so we’ve collected them here.

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The Uprising: Q&A with Eirlys Hunter

As a child I was obsessed with the idea of flying and of seeing the world from above. That was related to my passion for maps—and of books with maps in.

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Book Talk

Fantasy or ‘real world’ in children’s fiction

When you experience your real life as dull and predictable, a book is a portal to adventure, to excitement, to dreams, experimentation and possibility.

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Book Talk

Book list: Novels in verse

Novels in verse are a bit like graphic novels, in how quickly they can be consumed, and in the way you have to join some of the dots yourself.

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Book Talk

Day in the Life of Giselle Clarkson

Hello! I’m Giselle, the illustrator of The Tiny Woman’s Coat. I live in a small town near Wellington in New Zealand. I work from home in the corner of a room…

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Book Talk

Ulf Nilsson 1948—2021

Gecko Press sadly informs our readers that Ulf Nilsson, the much-loved author of Detective Gordon, died in Sweden on 22 September at the age of 73.

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