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 The Curiously Good Book Club

Here you will find events, book recommendations (about Gecko Press books and other books we love), newsletters, competitions and exclusive offers.

And you will be in good company!

At the moment we are crowdfunding to build the club into a digital and real life community, with events, digital fantasticness, concrete reading incentives such as tiny reading journals, Curiously Good Reader badges.
  1. We want to engage the entire book ecosystem in the  Club – libraries, booksellers, schools, families, children – to support anyone who wants to encourage a child to love to read.
 Julia, Rachel, Frances, Grace and Faustine

Gecko Press is an independent publisher of curiously good children’s books

Gecko Press hand-picks books by some of the best writers and illustrators in the world – books of good heart and strong character, excellent in story, illustration and design.

We choose stories children and parents will want to read hundreds of times, for ages 0-14 (sometimes infinity).

Gecko Press books are the antidote to sameness. They resonate with readers who are thoughtful and inquisitive and offer different ways of seeing the world.


Kickstart the Curiously Good Book Club

We are investing $15,000 into the Club but we need another $35,000 to get the club off the ground. There are lots of ways you can pledge . And at the end of the year, we will have a huge party to celebrate. Do join us!



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