An interview with Julia for BookBlast’s Indie Publisher of the Week

Growing up reading, digital distraction and an impressive dinner party line-up. See BookBlast’s whole interview with Julia, and some highlights below.

Are (were) your parents great readers? Tell us a bit about yourself. 
Everyone reads in my family: we are omnivores, and eclectic. At 86, my father still alternates a thriller with something more substantial. When I grew up on the farm we used to rush back to our books to read at lunch, and we often ate dinner on our knees, with our books. My mother says she would do that differently if she could do it again, and have us all up at the table.

Do you enjoy reading ebooks? Will the physical book die away eventually?
Like many, I read whatever format suits my circumstances and the book. I read thrillers digitally if I have to, but I, like many kids, prefer a paper version. No, the paper versions won’t die as far as I know, at least until a better format or device emerges – in my opinion.

Your chief characteristic?
My hair.

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