Read aloud book pack

Read Aloud Book Pack


Add to a child’s book collection with a Gecko Press book pack

The Gecko Press Read Aloud book pack is a collection of tried and true books that are guaranteed firm favourites, especially when read aloud.

The pack includes:

I am the Wolf…and Here I Come!

I am so Strong

Poo Bum

Comes gift-wrapped and with a card.

I am the Wolf...and Here I Come!

Watch the wolf put on his trousers, his T-shirt, his socks, and more. But what is his plan once he’s fully dressed?
Careful—he might bite!

Written by Bénédicte Guettier


I am so Strong

'Tell me, little bacon bits, who's the strongest in the woods?'

Written by Mario Ramos

Translated by Jean Anderson


Poo Bum

A worldwide favourite about a little rabbit who could only say one thing

Written by Stephanie Blake
Translated by Linda Burgess

Also available in te reo Māori

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