Arewhana Hunahuna front cover LR

Arewhana Hunahuna


A reo Māori edition of a brilliantly interactive, internationally bestselling picture book that tickles the funny bones of both children and adults.

Kei te hia hunahuna a Arewhana. Nau mai, whakapiri mai! Otirā kia kaha koe – ka KINO tana pai!

A small boy and his elephant play an absurd game of hide and seek in this beautifully illustrated picture book that will have young readers shouting out loud in delight, and adults laughing too, as Elephant hides, in full view. This game-inside-a-book celebrates imaginative play and is perfect for sharing with children who will love being better at finding the elephant than the boy. Watch out for the tortoise, too…

Written and illustrated by David Barrow, translated by Karena Kelly.

Also available in English

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