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Why we are publishing Tell Me

Sexuality, bodies and puberty are delicate subjects. Many find them embarrassing, awkward or even too controversial to talk about, let alone with their children.

Christmas picks for preschoolers

The Visitor, The 2018 New York Times/New York Public Library Best Illustrated Children’s Books

Here we are in the month before Christmas!

Need recommendations? Here is our selection of books for preschoolers… You can also contact us for tailored advice.

Christmas picks for babies & toddlers

Here we are in the month before Christmas!

Need recommendations? Let’s start with a selection of books for babies and toddlers… next week you’ll get a selection of our best books for preschoolers! You can also contact us for tailored advice.

October competition winner: Scary books

For Halloween, our readers told us about some of their favourite spooky, scary books. And we got some bonus scary stories too! Kathryn likes Nick Sharratt’s What’s in the Witch’s Kitchen?  Sonia’s favourite was the classic The Witches by Roald Dahl. Kate tells us that Sammy’s favourite is Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice… Read more »

Book list: Puberty books for all ages

In November, we are releasing Tell Me, a book full of answers to real questions from 8-year-olds, covering what they really want to know about bodies, sex and emotions. Ella Sharpe, manager of the Younger Sun Bookshop in Yarraville, Australia has provided us with a great list of other popular books on this topic.

Book list: Fantastic fiction with strong female leads

This month, we have a list of fantastic fiction with a strong female lead for middle readers, curated by Ella Sharpe from the Younger Sun Bookshop in Yarraville, Australia.

‘Nothing with pictures. No pictures!’

We all know that books for young people are important. Except that some people seem to think that picture books are just an optional extra. They’re for toddlers to chew on – sometimes literally – until they get down to real reading. I still remember a fellow teacher who brought his classes into the school library to borrow books, shouting his final instruction, ‘Nothing with pictures. No pictures.’

Book list: Interactive and lift-the-flaps

Just in time for Halloween, we have a new adventure from Clotilde Perrin, author of Inside the Villains. The House of Madame M is a thrilling, spooky work of paper-engineering and imagination. Anna Low from Potts Point Bookshop in Elizabeth Bay, Australia has sent us a round-up of her favourite interactive and lift-the-flap books. There… Read more »

The Gobbledegook Book: Q&A with Giselle Clarkson

Giselle Clarkson with cat illustration

Giselle Clarkson is a freelance illustrator and comic artist, and the illustrator of The Gobbledegook Book. She illustrated Secret World of Butterflies (2017) and is best known for her illustrations for conservation and environmental projects, and of biscuits—Common Household Biscuits & Slices of New Zealand was a viral hit. She lives in Wellington, New Zealand.