Curiously Good Book Club

Song of the River: Q&A with the illustrator Kimberly Andrews

Kimberly Andrews is a trained biologist and geologist who grew up in the Canadian Rockies and has lived and worked in Borneo, the UK and New Zealand. She illustrated Explore Aotearoa, shortlisted for the New Zealand children’s book award in 2018, and her first book both authored and illustrated, Puffin the Architect, was released in… Read more »

Research for picture books: Gavin Bishop on creating the Cook’s Cook

Gavin Bishop’s talk at the launch of Cook’s Cook on 16 October 2018: I knew some years ago that I wanted to write about Cook’s journey to New Zealand, but I didn’t want to write just another book for children about the Endeavour. I wanted an angle, and I found one when I came across… Read more »

May competition: Nits

We had some lovely responses to our creepy-crawly competition last month. The following are a few honourable mentions, along with our winner.

How to read to babies by Elaine Reese

Tickle My Ears. Best Boardbooks

New parents hear advice about what’s best for their baby on a daily, even hourly basis. One popular piece of advice is “Read to your baby!” Yet no one ever seems to tell new parents how. It’s not easy to read to a baby, especially a newborn. I remember the first time I tried to… Read more »

Scary books loved by Team Wardini

At Gecko Press, we aren’t scared of scary books like Wolfy, Inside the Villains and The Yark. And keep your eyes open for another frightening treat coming later in 2019…

We asked the team at Wardini Books what they recommend to anyone who is ready for a good scare.

Why scary is good

Wolfy by Grégoire Solotareff is an enduring bestseller and a watershed in French illustration. It is a masterful picture book about a rabbit and a wolf who want to be best friends. A bestseller in France, it is known and loved by two generations of teachers, librarians, parents and children. For this new paperback edition Grégoire… Read more »

Encyclopedia of Grannies: Q&A with Eric Veillé

Encyclopedia of Grannies geckopress

Meet Eric Veillé and check his new book, Encyclopedia of Grannies, which is an offbeat book full of word play and humour, answering all your questions about grandmas – especially the ones you never thought to ask.

“I only recognise what I have not yet seen” The art of the book fair

For Gecko Press, we are looking for what we call curiously good books — books of strong character and good heart, with stories that parents and children will want to read hundreds of times. We are looking for books we feel we haven’t seen before with a harmonious combination of picture and story that sets up an immense hum, larger than the sum of its parts.