This is a tale worth chewing on.

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Where is Rusty?


Rusty get lost in the department store and soon everyone is looking for him. Where is Rusty?


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    Rusty goes to the department store with his mother and Henrietta and Toby. But his nose soon leads him astray and on a new adventure. Where is Rusty?

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    Country of Origin The Netherlands
    Reader Age 5-7 year
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  • Reviews

    1. Publishers Weekly (US), February 2015

      A genial, fast-moving mystery … This is a tale worth chewing on.

    2. Boomerang Books (Aus), January 2015

      [The] themes of hiding, searching and safety are ideal for young explorers.

    3. Kirkus Reviews (US), January 2015

      The skillful blend of human and canine characteristics in this romp will make for many a chuckle.

    4. The Irish Times (UK), December 2014

      [A] whimsical combination of word and picture.

    5. Achuka Reviews (UK), December 2014

      A highly likeable story [with] lively light-hearted illustrations.

    6. The Source (Aus), December 2014

      Sieb Posthuma’s cheerful illustrations create a completely canine world, where bones are important commodities and watch-dogs are security guards.

    7. Kiwi Families (NZ), October 2014

      There’s some wonderful attention to detail and the images are jammed full of humour and wit … One of our favourite books for the moment.

    8. Read it, Daddy! (UK), September 2014

      A rollercoaster adventure as we track Rusty’s quest to return safely to mum … Thrilling and exciting stuff for younger readers and a very nicely presented and accomplished book.

    9. Bob’s Books Blog (NZ), September 2014

      Well told and skillfully translated … The illustrations are full of detail and enhance the character of Rusty and the business of a Department store. Great read aloud and much to ponder over for young children.

    10. Kiwi Families (NZ), September 2014

      My kids loved the detail and humour in these pictures and it’s a riot of full-colour fun … The book has enough detail to hold the interest of my five year old while still being engaging for my three year old. A total win in our house!

    11. Waikato Times (NZ), August 2014

      It is a charming reinterpretation of a timeless format, suited to children aged 3 upwards.

    12. Bookrapt (NZ), reviewed by Jean Bennett, August 2014

      The busy scenes are perfect for young readers who will discover interesting and amusing details when they look closely … Adults and children will enjoy finding new delights each time they share the story.

    13. Around the Bookshops (NZ), August 2014

      A gentle story, full of good humour and family togetherness although, of course we know from the final page that Rusty will take off again at the first opportunity.

    14. Tall, Short, Tiny and a Pickle (NZ), July 2014

      The illustrations are delightful and very appealing. Pickle had a ball looking for Rusty on each page … [It] is aimed at children 3+ … but it certainly does appeal to my two-year-old.

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