A zany rhyme story full of bounce and zip and zest.

Paula Green, Poetry Box (NZ)

Toucan Can


Toucan can do lots of things!
Toucan dances! Toucan sings!
Toucan bangs a frying pan!
Can YOU do what Toucan can?


  • Description

    Toucan Can is a tongue-twisting, ludicrous rhyme full of escalating hilarity and off-the-wall characters. It will have you tripping and flipping and dancing and singing.

    Toucan can do lots of things!
    Toucan dances! Toucan sings!
    Toucan bangs a frying pan!
    Can YOU do what Toucan can?

    This is a brilliant read-aloud story that is energetic and funny.


  • Book Details

    Country of Origin New Zealand
    Reader Age 2-5 year
    Book Size

  • Reviews

    1. Lilly (11 years), Bookie Woogie (US), October 2014

      I like this better than Dr. Seuss. I’m not saying Dr. Seuss is bad. I just like this better.

    2. Bob’s Books Blog (NZ), September 2013

      The key to the written text is the rhyming language that a good story teller will be able to tell with some alacrity. And so will you. The illustrations compliment the written text like a hand in a glove … plenty of space and action on each page to enthral the young reader.

    3. Judges’ Report, New Zealand Post Book Awards for Children and Young Adults, June 2014

      Sarah Davis’ delightful, zany illustrations are an inspired match for Juliette MacIver’s humourous, tongue-twisting rhymes … bursts to life with infectious movement and vitality. This is a great book to read aloud with children.

    4. Booknotes Unbound, Top Ten Read-Aloud Favourites for Kiwi Toddlers, June 2014

      A lively rhyming romp that follows the charismatic Toucan as he demonstrates his many talents.

    5. New Zealand Books, June 2014

      You can almost sense Dr Seuss being channelled in the tongue-twisting whacky word-mix … an agreeably fresh take on a timeless story … I look forward to sharing this ode to flat-out but fair fun.

    6. The Children’s Bookshop (NZ), May 2014

      With vibrant illustrations, it celebrates friendship and showing off your talents. A great (and challenging) read-aloud. Age 3+.

    7. Northern Advocate, February 2014

      The tongue- twisting funny rhyme and way out characters will have the children in fits of laughter.

    8. SLA Magazine (UK), April 2014

      Filled with delicious tongue-twisters and a very rhythmical pace of the narrative, this book should be `acted out’, ideally in expressive, silly voices. Better still, it could work as a basis for a classroom play; giggles and fun guaranteed.

    9. Swings and Roundabouts, March 2014

      Fans of Dr Seuss and tongue-twisting rhymes will love reading this quirky, fun and nonsensical picture book out loud, with its fun illustrations to match the text.

    10. Monkey Makes Three (NZ), September 2013

      A very entertaining read and a wonderful addition to our book collection. So what are you waiting for??

    11. Kirkus Reviews, February 2014

      MacIver’s simple text has lots of bounce and phonic crunch. Davis’ illustrations, besides being colorful, effectively communicate motion and fun.

    12. Parents Centre NZ Newsletter, February 2014

      Toucan Can has a Dr-Suessey tongue twister vibe … There is a wild, cheerful energy to this book enhanced by the incredible illustrations by Sarah Davis … This book works well to read aloud and has enough repetition for children to join in too.

    13. Booknotes Unbound, December 2013

      MacIver’s lyrical verse is pitch perfect and Davis’s illustrations add colour, movement and verve. This will be a playcentre favourite forever for getting children moving.

    14. The Dominion Post Weekend, December 2013

      Toucan Can! demonstrates MacIver’s flair for word -play and rhythm … This is a wonderful book for reading aloud – for anyone who can cope with splendid tongue-twisters.

    15. Storylines Books For Christmas Giving, December 2013

      Toucan is a madly cheerful and energetic bird, romping through the tongue-twisting rhythmic text… Zany and full of movement.

    16. IndieBound Summer Reading Catalogue, November 2013

      Join Toucan on a mad-cap, wacky frolic as he demonstrates all that he can do! Toucan Can is a big, vibrant, colourful, and endearing rhyming picture book perfect to read aloud.

    17. Magpies, November 2013

      Get ready to dace and cheer along with the irrepressible Toucan… The illustrations are full of texture and life with kooky characters accumulating throughout… Fun from beginning to end

    18. The Dominion Post, Best Books of 2013, November 2013

      Littlies will love sharing the whimsical word play and bouncy rhythm as Toucan dances and sings with the amazingly colourful menagerie created in Davis’s illustrations.

    19. Zoe Toft, Playing by the Book (UK), October 2013

      Lots of fun to be had reading this out loud, or even better, acting it out.

    20. Read it Daddy! Blog (UK), October 2013

      Meshes together Dr Seuss-like rhyme with perfect visuals… Children of all ages will find something to love about Toucan Can.

    21. Bookrapt (reviewed by Jean Bennett), November 2013

      A glorious picture book full of movement, colour, and cheerful creatures. The energetic rhyme invites readers to stand up and get active … Great fun!

    22. The Children’s Bookshop Newsletter, October 2013

      Toucan can do lots of things in this tongue-twisting, ludicrous rhyme full of escalating hilarity and off-the-wall characters … here’s another charmer to treasure.

    23. Buddha Book Club, October 2013

      What a gem … I wish more children’s books surprised me in such a delightful way … there’s such a sense of wild abandonment and fun throughout the book.

    24. Booksellers I Love Books Blog, October 2013

      I cried a little the first time I read this book, it is that good… this new book has created a new standard for picture book writers in New Zealand.

    25. My Best Friends Are Books Blog, September 2013

      One of my favourite picture books of the year… Everyone should go out and grab a copy of Toucan Can to treasure and read again and again. It is certain to add colour and laughter to your life and will have you dancing along with Toucan and his friends.

    26. Poetry Box (Paula Green), September 2013

      Toucan Can is a zany rhyme story full of bounce and zip and zest… a gorgeous book that will get you wanting to make up some rhymes about a fabulous bird whether you are five or fifty.

    27. Create Hope Inspire Blog, September 2013

      As the rhythm of the book accelerates so do the illustrations until the book has it’s own kind of wild rumpus on the go… I can see this book being a real family favourite.

    28. The Book Bag (UK), August 2013

      Told entirely in rhyme, this is a crazy and wild, but ultimately adorable, book that gets faster as it goes along, like a stomping flamenco spinning round and round in a circle … Simply put, this is a brilliant book I defy any child not to enjoy.

  • Reviews

    1. Karen Price

      My toddler loves this book! Of course this is helped by the fact that she is obsessed with toucans (!), but I think the bright and colourful pictures and simple story would appeal to all sorts of toddlers and preschoolers. Toucan does all the things small children love – being noisy, playing, jumping, dancing – so it is easy to see why it appeals so much! I love a book that links reading with physical play and relates directly to the child, and Toucan Can! does this really well. A highly recommended read!

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