This explosively illustrated fable is a real find.

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Mrs. Mo’s Monster


An energetic, endearing and hilarious debut picture book.


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    A monster with a one-track mind meets his match in an elderly lady called Mrs. Mo. With Mrs. Mo’s help, the monster is surprised to discover that he can do more than he ever thought—but that’s not the only surprise Mrs. Mo has in store…

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    Country of Origin New Zealand
    Reader Age 2-5 year, 5-7 year
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    1. :

      Beavis’ illustrations are bold and full of impact, while the text is skilfully designed with dramatic bold lettering for the enjoyably noisy bits.

    2. :

      The story is designed to read aloud and flows along at a good pace, complemented by simple, bright illustrations … Buy this book for the littlies in your life, aged two or three upwards.

    3. :

      The color-filled illustrations show the seemingly unflappable Mrs. Mo quietly yet firmly dealing with conflict by putting the monster to work. If it worked for him, it just might work for your own little monster.

    4. :

      A performance book – great for doing monster voices and getting children call out the refrain [‘CRUNCH, MUNCH AND CHEW’].

    5. :

      Judicious use of color, various perspectives and basic shapes give the book a distinctive look. Effervescent, in an entirely understated sort of way.

    6. :

      Lively illustrations with plenty of pastel colours … Paul Beavis is a new writer. I wish him well and this picture book is a great start for him.

    7. :

      I loved this book. It’s a great book to read aloud … The story form and repetition will make it an instant hit with your listeners … Also the story sublimely (through humour) teaches good manners. The simple bright and humour illustrations will also appeal.

    8. :

      A great illustrated storybook for children aged three and above.

    9. :

      A mixture of the naughty and nice that young children relish. A delightful debut with bright, bold illustrations … ideal for pre-school/junior classes.

    10. :

      A brilliantly sassy, funny children’s picture book that adults too can enjoy.

    11. :

      Bold, energetic illustrations complement simple yet expressive text in this engaging and entertaining picture book with its subtle themes of good manners, patience and the fulfilling of potential.

    12. :

      This brightly illustrated book with simple line drawings has a clear and repetitive text which children can join in with gusto.

    13. :

      The scratchy line drawings with brilliant colours and scrawling text capture the monster perfectly.

    14. :

      Mrs Mo’s Monster is that rare picture book, one that gets better with each reading.

    15. :

      The bold background colours are a perfect foil for the simple scenes that focus on the two main characters. A brilliant book for classroom discussion, or for grandparents to share with their own little treasures.

    16. :

      This explosively illustrated fable is a real find.

    17. :

      Mrs. Mo’s Monster is a fun and energetic picture book that both children and adults will enjoy.

    18. :

      Mrs. Mo’s Monster shines with colour. [Paul Beavis’] beautifully produced debut picture book, all quality and delight, deserves its place in the stable of Gecko Press who continue to publish ‘curiously good books’.

    19. :

      Hilarity personified, not only in the totally kid-speak text but in the slick, bright, ber cool illustrations, the unlikely ensuing friendship, and the absolutely brilliant, guffaw-worthy ending. Paul Beavis. Remember the name.

    20. :

      This is by a first time author? This is incredible! The [illustration] style is perfectly matched to the story, and the use of colour is superb.

    21. :

      Paul Beavis’ debut picture book is an absolute delight – to read, and to look at. … the illustrations are bright and full of life, and the monster’s facial expressions are perfect. Mrs Mo’s Monster has joined the ranks of bedtime favourites here.

    22. :

      This clever picture book speaks volumes about manners without spelling it out. A keeper.

    23. :

      A good book to share with children who are reluctant to try something new. And there’s a surprise at the end as the tables are turned…

    24. :

      Paul Beavis’ great sense of fun shines through … A fantastically fun book with a nice moral take of manners underpinning the monstrous chaos. Mrs Mo is fab!

    25. :

      Beavis mixes colour, perspective and page-turns into magic, creating a highly humorous tale about what it takes to tame a monster… It’s hard to believe that this is Beavis’ debut as a children’s book author and illustrator.

    26. :

      [Mrs. Mo’s Monster] is breathtaking brilliant at using perspectives I’ve not seen before; the pages seem 3D, just bursting with pace and humour.

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