A sweet story about friendship and the joy of giving.

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Good for You, Good for Me


A gentle story with great warmth and humour.


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    ‘If you carry me, I’ll show you the way. Good for you, good for me …’

    Dormouse is good at making deals. But are they always good for Bear?

    They soon work out that friendship has nothing to do with keeping score …

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    1. The Weekend Sun, January 2010

      Dormouse is a busy little fellow, full of ideas and always on the move. In contrast, Bear is large and a slow thinker. Bear is charmed when Dormouse plays music from a handmade flute. He gives Dormouse his favourite red cushion in exchange for the flute, ‘Good for you, good for me,’ he says. After much huffing and puffing Bear realises he doesn’t have Dormouse’s musical talent. So Dormouse offers to play the flute while he’s sitting on Bear’s cushion. ‘Good for you, good for me,’ he says. Bear is puzzled that now he doesn’t have either his cushion or the flute. Still, the good-natured bear enjoys Dormouse’s music and his company. He leaps and dances across the pages. Clever Dormouse entices Bear into sharing adventures in the forest. The illustrations highlight the pleasure they each gain from their friendship. Background details are in muted colours as the characters take centrestage. The artist captures their personalities with humour and movement. Bear’s delight in each new discovery shows that possessions aren’t necessary to be happy. A joyful tale.

    2. Waikato Times, December 2009

      Another fabulous Gecko Press book. The Bear and the Dormouse decide to swap flute, cushion, lucky stone, yet the dormouse appears to end up with all the items and the bear happy with none of them. It becomes clear to the dormouse that giving feels better than just having. Beautifully illustrated this is a wonderful tale for children to learn the value of giving.

    3. Bay of Plenty Times, December 2009

      Good for You, Good for Me has a message of sharing but without the cheap sentimentality churned out by many less discerning children’s publishers. Bear covets Dormouse’s flute and in a series of swaps and deals suspects he is being given the worst of the bargain. Simply but beautifully illustrated, Bear and Dormouse dance their way through flowers, rain and moonlight to an understanding that it is much more fun to give than receive.

    4. Nelson Mail, December 2009

      Dormouse is adept at getting Bear to do trades, which he says will be good for both of them. But is Bear being bamboozled out of a fair deal? Translated from its original German, Lorenz Pauli has written a delightful story of sharing and friendship that lends well to simple English language rhythms. Coupled with the expressive colourful illustrations of Kathrin Scharer this collaboration is sure to engage the young reader. Dormouse’s catchphrase Good for You, Good for Me is likely to become the new negotiation tool for any pre-schooler fortunate enough to be read this tale aloud.

    5. Timaru Herald, October 2009

      A sweet story about friendship and the joy of giving.

    6. Animals’ Voice, Summer 2009-10

      A gentle story told with great warmth and humour.

    7. Talespinner, September 2009

      This is a beautifully illustrated picture book (with the visual story beginning on the end-pages). Bear sleeps in the foreground while a busy dormouse is measuring up a branch and fashioning a flute in a continuous visual narrative behind him. (Check the ingenious way that Dormouse gets the finger stops made.)

      When Bear wakes up to the beautiful flute music, Dormouse offers to swap his flute for Bear’s plump red cushion. But however hard Bear puffs, he can’t produce a tune. So Dormouse offers to swap his music for Bear’s flute, then he offers to travel with Bear (snuggled in his soft fur). You get the picture? Somehow Dormouse seems always to get the best of the bargain, but Bear holds no grudges and there’s a lovely ending. This is a very clever marrying of image and narrative. Highly recommended for under-fives.

    8. Christchurch City Libraries blog, November 2009

      Good for You, Good for Me by Lorenz Pauli and illustrated by Kathrin Scharer is one of my favourite Gecko Press books so far. Dormouse meets Bear one day while he is walking along playing his flute. Bear gives Dormouse his favourite red cushion so that he can have a play of his flute. This deal is good for them both; Bear has the flute and Dormouse has a cushion to sit on. It turns out that Bear can’t play the flute very well and so they swap back and decide to travel together. They make a good pair and discover that if they work together things will be `good for you, good for me.’ The illustrations are delightful and show Bear and Dormouse playing together in the sun and the rain. I especially like the black and white line illustrations of Bear dancing while Dormouse plays his flute. This is a great books for sharing with young children and is a perfect bedtime story.

    9. Canvas magazine, NZ Herald, November 2009

      When Bear becomes enchanted by the flute-playing of Dormouse, they strike up a friendship of sorts. Dormouse’s conniving ways have Bear scratching his ear time and again but he decides their friendship is what really counts. Kathrin Scharer’s illustrations add warmth to this happy-go-lucky tale about two friends living for the moment.

    10. Around the Bookshops, November 2009

      Dormouse is good at making deals but after a while Bear wonders if they are really good for him? A story about the nature of friendship and the need to share that even very small children will understand.

    11. Feilding Herald, September 2009

      Bear has a cushion and Dormouse has a flute. They decide to trade. ‘Good for you, good for me,’ says Dormouse. Dormouse is very good at trading for what he wants, but is it as good for Bear? This story is about friendship and values. It is perfect for reading aloud to children from about three years old. There’s lots of scope for discussion about the importance of giving, and that the value of the gift is not necessarily in dollars and cents. The large illustrations show the bear and mouse with delightful expressions and plenty of white space leaves room on the page for imagination. Gecko Press publisher Julia Marshall describes the book as having ‘warmth, the joyousness of the bear, and friendship’.

    12. Hawke’s Bay Today, October 2009

      This is a very warm, fuzzy story about compromise and friendship. Bear and Dormouse stumble across each other and share their few possessions. They become friends and while Dormouse plays his flute, Bear keeps him warm in his furry, snuggly coat. At first, Dormouse seems a bit more clever than Bear and the compromises benefit him rather than his larger companion. But eventually the pair find friendship is not about keeping score, but about looking out for each other. A cute, innocent book perfect for toddlers as a read-aloud story. The illustrations provide plenty to talk about and children will enjoy the antics of the two friends.

    13. Tomorrow’s Schools Today, October 2009

      Bear is relaxing on his cushion when he meets Dormouse playing his flute and Bear does a deal, swapping the cushion for the flute, but is too big to play the flute, and Dormouse makes a deal with Bear, then another and another, but are they always good for Bear?

      Through the story Bear learns that just because someone says something is good for both of them doesn’t necessarily mean it is, he also learns to appreciate what he has and also learn that friendship isn’t always about getting something tangible in return.

      It is a book that will have young readers thinking about friendships and also sharing. It is a good book for reading aloud to children three and over, with large, appealing illustrations and a touch of humour.

    14. Story Time Books for Kids, September 2009

      This is another terrific Gecko Press picture book, by Lorenz Pauli, illustrated by Kathrin Scharer. Bear is sitting on his red cushion when he hears music in the distance. Then dormouse appears with his flute. Bear suggests a swap, flute for cushion, ‘good for you, good for me.’ Dormouse agrees, but bear can’t play with his big paws, so dormouse suggests they swap again, flute for music, so now dormouse has the cushion and the flute. After a few more deals, bear realises he doesn’t need any of the things anyway. His fur is better than a cushion, he doesn’t need a flute when he can whistle, and the lucky pebble is unnecessary when luck seems to find him anyway. So he gives the lucky pebble back to dormouse who is astounded and then realises that giving feels better than having, so they agree. Dormouse will give bear the moonlight on the water, bear will give him the scent of the flowers, dormouse the sigh of the wind, and tomorrow at sunrise they’ll give each other the colours of the world. Another of those wonderful picture books which could change the world with its implied message.

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