A startlement and a delight. Pure gold.

David Larsen



Gecko Press’s Annual is a game-changer, packing dynamic, irreverent, challenging, and timeless material into a beautiful package for 9- to 12-year-olds.

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  • Description

    Annual features a dictionary of crazy words that come in handy on car trips, a sophisticated ‘spot the similarity’, a found poem from school newsletters, a maths-nerd’s memoir full of tricky logic puzzles, and top-class fiction that spans Christchurch Botanic Gardens in the 19th C, the loss of a brother, a Kiwi beach holiday, and a Fontanian boarding school.

    This is a book for readers who are hungry for sophisticated, wide-ranging, and challenging content. It is designed to revitalize the reading experience for this age group and create lifetime readers.

    Annual by Gecko Press will be the first publication of its kind in New Zealand.

  • Book Details

    Country of Origin New Zealand
    Reader Age 8-12 year, 11-14 year
    Book Size

  • Reviews

    1. John McIntyre, Radio New Zealand

      It’s the hero book of the year

    2. Booksellers NZ

      As you open the Gecko Annual, you know you have something special in your hands.

    3. My Best Friends Are Books

      Editors Kate De Goldi and Susan Paris have mined the talented authors and illustrators we have here in NZ and gathered these gems into a truly radiant collection.

    4. New Zealand Listener

      Annual is pick-your-own, and all of it is wonderful: poetry, comics, a film script; essays on art and photography and one on a very special maths teacher.

    5. Capital Magazine

      The capital’s Kate De Goldi has had a pearler of an idea: giving the old-school children’s annual a modern-day makeover. The result is simply called Annual.

  • Reviews

    1. Magpies (AUS)

      Just in time for stuffing stockings for Christmas 2016

    2. Boomerang Books (AUS)

      It’s a treasure book in the vein of an old-style yearly annual, here packaged in the highest quality hardback form as a sumptuous possible Christmas present and absorbing holiday read.

    3. 50 Best Books for Kids 2016, NZ Listener

      Something for everyone from some of our best writers, illustrators, photographers and cultural commentators. Not just for kids.

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