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Elfrida the sheep is a bit bored with her mop of hair. Then a passing poodle gives her an idea for an alternative haircut…


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    Elfrida the sheep is a bit bored with her mop of hair. A passing poodle gives her an idea for an alternative haircut. Farmer Rob gets quite taken with the idea and introduces all hues of the rainbow to the mix. When he is done, the other sheep want to look equally gorgeous—and so does the farmer’s wife.

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    Country of OriginAustria
    Reader Age2-5 year, 5-7 year
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  • Reviews

    1. Ruby Washington, age 3, Woman’s Day Australia July 2007

      Elfrida is a sheep who gets a very funny haircut. I always ask mummy to read this book again and I like the colours.

    2. Nelson Mail

      This warm and light-hearted book was originally published in Austria – but has a strong New Zealand connection, not only because of the sheep but because it celebrates individuality.

    3. Raymond Huber, The Otago Daily Times

      Another European classic brought to New Zealand by Gecko Press is Elfrida, by Klara Fall – the delightful story of a sheep who decides to bring a little colour into her drab life. She gets the shearer to give her a makeover and the other sheep (naturally) copy the new style. The rhymes are funny, and the pictures exuberant.

    4. Lisa Hoult, Taranaki Daily News

      The illustrations are the cutest I’ve seen in a while – eccentric and cartoony and beautifully coloured – they are the icing on the cake to this entertaining tale. The rhyming text is amazing and scans perfectly, which is a great tool for littlies learning to read.

    5. Wanganui Chronicle/Horowhenua Kapiti Chronicle, Joan Rosier-Jones

      This is a simple yet charming story and the illustrations are executed with a great deal of humour, providing some lovely insights into Elfrida’s character.

    6. Hawkes Bay Today

      Elfrida is a picture book for young readers but will appeal to all ages.

    7. Around the Bookshops

      This is a story just for fun which adults and children will laugh over together.

    8. Sue Edmonds, Waikato Times

      Originally published in Austria, Heide Stollinger’s illustrations are a delight and the translation into English by Catherine Chidgey loses none of the story’s charm. Huge fun.

    9. Michell Dawson, The Marlborough Express

      …a wonderful book… destined to become a firm favorite

    10. Dylan Owen, Dominion Post

      From Wellington’s Gecko Press come two new delightful offerings – one larger than life, and one, well, more still life [See All the Dear Little Animals]. Elfrida by Klara Fall, lets loose the ebullient Elfrida, a ewe, who with the help of Farmer Rob, gets a cut and colour makeover to rival any rainbow or wearable arts entry. Elfrida’s new look even inspires others in the flock – and the farmer’s wife – in this decidedly unsheepish celebration of zestful individuality.

    11. The New Zealand Herald/ Canvas magazine review

      A bonkers story about a sheep who wants to be different, this is another that Gecko has had translated into English in its quest to bring New Zealand children quality European books. Originally published in Austria, it revolves around Elfrida, a sheep who decides at shearing time that she wants a clip like a poodle. Rob the shearer initially has his doubts but then literally cuts loose, giving her and the rest of the flock an outrageous cut and colour. Award-winning illustrator Heide Stollinger captures the story’s wacky spirit

  • Reviews

    1. Haley

      Great book – kids love it… giggle the whole way through. Not only is their reaction entertaining to the adult storyteller – but the story is great for adults too! Lots of fun, great story & stunning pictures

    2. Marg

      This is a delightful and enchanting book, both because of its storyline and because of the creative and capturing illustrations. My grandchildren never tire of having this read to them, and for adults there is a cheeky reminder to be creative – venture forth into something new and different.

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