Both humorous and direct... A perfect, elemental fusion of story and art.

Kirkus Review (US)

Eat up, Little Donkey!


Both humorous and direct… A perfect, elemental fusion of story and art.
Kirkus Review (US), September 2013


  • Description

    ‘Eat up, Little Donkey!’
    But Little Donkey’s tummy says no…

    Little Donkey doesn’t want to eat his food, so Mama Donkey decides that it’s time for an outing.

    A picture book about mealtimes with a satisfying story structure, this companion book to 123 Little Donkey has a full, domestic setting and characters. Its thick, strong pages make it perfect for toddlers.

  • Book Details

    Country of Origin The Netherlands
    Reader Age 0-2 year, 2-5 year
    Book Size

  • Reviews

    1. Parents Centre NZ Newsletter, February 2014

      Eat Up, Little Donkey has beautiful classic illustrations (Think Miffy-style illustrations, but with way more movement and energy) … Little Donkey is a lovely mischievous character that toddlers (and parents) will identify with and love.

    2. The NZ Listener 50 Best Children’s Books of 2013, November 2013

      For all those households where toddlers try every trick in the book to not eat… Mama Donkey has the answer – we’re off to the park to feed the ducks … with the rejected food.

    3. Magpies, March 2013

      Refreshingly out of the norm… Little Donkey is an endearing, but very naughty, anthropomorphised character with enormous appeal.

    4. Bookrapt, September 2013

      This hardback publication with thick, shiny pages will last many re-read sessions. It’s a gem.

    5. Kirkus Review (US), September 2013

      The text is simple but both humorous and direct… A perfect, elemental fusion of story and art.

    6. Wanganui Chronicle, August 2013

      Eat Up Little Donkey, successfully delivers on all counts and is a good companion book for 123 Little Donkey, by the same author.

    7. Publishers Weekly (US), July 2013

      Little Donkey joins the ranks of picky eaters in his latest picture book, and his unruly responses to his mother’s efforts to feed him will provoke laughs… A mischievous take on a common problem.

    8. The Canberra Times, March 2013

      With its embossed cover, feisty main character and bright, expressive illustrations, this child-centric book deals humorously and engagingly with the often fraught subject of reluctant eaters.

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