Kids will love this book and all the interesting facts it contains

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All About Food: Step-by-Step


All About Food: Step-by-Step explains food’s journey through the human body, its role, its history and why healthy eating is important.


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    What food did your ancestors eat?
    Where did tomatoes first come from?

    Food is your body’s fuel, like petrol in a car. This book shows you what happens inside your body when you eat, and how food and water keep you healthy. You’ll even learn why you like some foods and not others.

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    Country of Origin France
    Reader Age 8-12 year
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  • Reviews

    1. Hawkes Bay Weekend, June 2010

      What did our ancestors eat? How does the human body convert steak to microscopic elements? Why do some people like to eat snakes, turtles and insects? The answers to all these questions, and anything else you may want to know about food, are in this little gem of a book. Set out so information can be found easily and with lots of handy easy to understand illustrations, kids will love this book and all the interesting facts it contains. It is written in a comic strip form and is part of an award winning series of French books. As well as the history of food and the story of milk there are a few recipes included for the kids to try out at home. This book will be a hit with most 7 to 10 year olds.

    2. Tomorrow’s Schools Today, March 2010

      Like the name says, this books tells readers all about food, like what our ancestors ate and how the human body converts a steak into microscopic elements. It also explains why some people like food others of us consider strange.

      Eating is essential in order to stay alive and All About food explains food’s journey through the human body, its role, history and why healthy eating is important. The fascinating and informative text is complemented with entertaining, often humorous and memorable illustrations making this book not only a learning experience but an entertaining read.

      This book even has practical experiments and simple recipes that readers can easily do themselves that will not only help reinforce the facts explained in the book but will also widen their own preferences and experiences of food.

    3. The Children’s Bookshop Kilbirnie, March 2010

      There’s a huge amount of child-friendly information packed into these 64 pages, explaining the journey of food through the human body, its role, its history and the importance of a healthy diet. Similar in style to a ‘Horrible History’ book, but with more essential information, it combines hilarious illustrations with fascinating facts and even a few recipes and experiments to try.

    4. Story Time Books for Kids, February 2010

      … another great combination of easy-to-read text and illustrations which add to the explanation and to the experience. It includes information about where food comes from, food types, likes and dislikes, how taste works, energy balances, history of food, balanced eating and even some recipes. Full of the uncommon sort of common sense, it is an eclectic selection of facts about what we eat. Once again, as good an introduction as I’ve seen of this topic and like The Adventure of Life, should be in every school library.

    5. Kids Books NZ, February 2010

      From a teacher’s point of view; these books are going to be invaluable in the classroom. Parents will find it useful to help explain those difficult questions coming from their children’s enquiring minds. Most importantly, children will enjoy them; for their knowledge, humour and to satisfy their curiosity. Highly recommended.

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