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Recommended reads

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At recommended reads we’ll tell you about some books we are enjoying reading, pass on lists of books from people we trust, and give you our own favourites from the Gecko Press books. We hope you will also join us, by sending us the books you recommend and enjoy.

It is a little experimental for the moment but we will get there we think!


Some Christmas picks 2016

We have made a list of some tried and true books to help you choose a book for a particular child.

Best wishes from us!

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Happy holidays from Gecko Press!

Three books for thinking children

I was recently asked about a book for a thinking child: The Day No one was Angry is definitely one, because it is a book of 12 stories about the 12 different forms of anger – the light blue, transparent colour of melancholy, “like a warm morning in early summer, with not a breath of wind.”  It is philosophical and open-ended and has beautiful humour that almost wisps past you.

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My Book after the Wall Street Journal review

My Pictures after the Storm is one of The Wall Street Journal’s best new picture books!

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Waitangi Day reading

This book by Gavin Bishop relates beautifully to Waitangi Day, telling the story of how New Zealand was colonised. NZ Book of the Year in 2002, and reissued by Gecko Press in 2012 in both English and Te Reo editions (the English hardback has the original storyboards on the inside jacket) I believe this book is… Read more »

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Some books Ulf Stark loves

                1. Tove Jansson: Moominpappa at Sea Here we have the sea, a lighthouse, a mother who has abandoned her garden and a father looking for adventure – and the Moomin troll of course! A book for adults and junior readers who want to enjoy the bitter, and the… Read more »

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Mrs Tittlemouse and cleaning

I was telling my mother about my lack of cleaning the other day. She said she’d just been doing a bit of dusting herself (dusting! I’m talking vacuuming and mopping!) and she got halfway down the passage and stopped at the bookshelf there to have a little read of The Tale of Mrs  Tittlemouse. “Mrs Tittlemouse was… Read more »

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