Story of Gecko Press

Gecko Press beginnings

Gecko Press is an independent publisher, based in Wellington. Every year Gecko Press translates and publishes 17 or so carefully-selected children’s books by some of the world’s best writers and illustrators, from countries including France, Germany, Japan, Poland and the Netherlands. Gecko Press also publishes three or four original books each year.

Gecko Press spot art from Bruno

From the mediaGecko Press spot art from A Day With Dogs, a dog wearing red glasses

‘[Gecko Press’s] production values are exemplary.’
Kate de Goldi, Radio New Zealand

‘There is a robust nature to the books [Gecko Press] has published, a strength, a quirkiness, and a depth that we have lacked … We have customers who seek out Gecko books ahead of any others.’
John McIntyre, Children’s Bookshop and National Radio reviewer

‘Inspirational publishing … their current list is adventurous and dynamic.’
Sunday Star-Times

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