Read aloud book pack

We are offering lists of key tried-and-true books we are sure children love, to start off your library book collection. These books provide immediate core to your school library and are available on our website and through selected bookstores. These books are grouped by theme to help teachers extend their students.

This book list is of books to read aloud: books that bounce off the page. 

Poo Bum

Once there was a little rabbit who could only say one  thing...Poo Bum!

A genuinely funny story whose humour still amuses on repeated readings ...
TVNZ Lifestyle, November 2011

Translated by Linda Burgess


Mister Whistler

Mister Whistler loses his train ticket at the station. Thanks to some beautiful dance moves, he might still make the train...


Have You Seen Elephant?

Elephant wants to play hide and seek. You can play too, but you'll have to try your best - he's VERY good!


Mrs. Mo's Monster

An energetic, endearing and hilarious debut picture book.

Temporarily unavailable

That's Not a Hippopotamus

In That's Not a Hippopotamus, A class trip to the zoo descends into a chaotic hunt for the missing hippopotamus. Teacher, zookeeper and all the children join the search. The noise and drama reach a pitch, and no one thinks to listen to quiet Liam.


I am so Handsome

The wolf met the three little pigs. 'Tell me, little butterballs, who's the handsomest of all?' A very funny picture book with a very satisfying ending.  For ages 3 to 7

Translated by Jean Anderson


I am so Strong

'Tell me, little bacon bits, who's the strongest in the woods?'

Translated by Jean Anderson

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