New readers book pack


We are offering lists of key tried-and-true books we are sure children love, to start off your library book collection. These books provide immediate core to your school library and are available on our website and through selected bookstores. These books are grouped by theme to help teachers extend their students.

This book list is for new readers: books that have chapters and beautiful illustrations.

My Happy Life

My Happy Life is a sweet, funny illustrated chapter book about a young girl with a lot of optimism—even if sometimes life makes it hard to be happy.

Translated by Julia Marshall

My Happy Life First Chapter


Yours Sincerely, Giraffe

This international bestseller is an absurd and endearing story about an African giraffe and his pen pal, a penguin.

Translated by Cathy Hirano

Read the first chapter here




Can you whistle, Johanna?

This is a sensitive book, a classic in many countries, about a friendship between two boys and the man they adopt as grandfather.

Translated by Julia Marshall



Interlinked stories by a top children’s writer and renowned comic artist about Bruno the cat and his friends full of friendship, silliness, and dry humour.

Translated by Antony Shugaar


Travels of an Extraordinary Hamster

Hamster is determined to visit his cousins on the moon. He knows they must be eager to meet him. But his friends decide to go to the North Pole instead.


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