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Duck’s Backyard


A very funny and philosophical illustrated chapter book by a bestselling author/illustrator pair about courage, true friendship and our most secret wishes, in which a lame duck takes a blind hen on a goose chase as they search for adventure and answers to some big questions.

A duck spends her days limping around her backyard with the help of a crutch until one day a blind hen stumbles in, lost, and persuades the duck to embark on an adventurous journey. The duck will guide the hen; the hen will steady the duck’s wobbly leg. They leave together for a place where their most secret wishes will come true. The pair come upon astonishing obstacles along the way—a wild forest, a cavernous gorge and many differences of opinion. The hen starts to wish she’d taken a guide dog rather than a duck! When the two finally arrive at their destination after all the hardships, they realize that their own backyard plus a little imagination offers as much adventure as a whole world.

From the author/illustrator pair of Meet at the Ark at Eight

“Delightful and deep.” Publishers Weekly, starred review

Written by Ulrich Hub, illustrated by Jörg Mühle and translated by Helena Kirkby.

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