Lionel Eats All By Himself cover

Lionel Eats All By Himself


In this pithy board book series, an overenthusiastic, impulsive lion tests his daily routines to their limit—in Lionel Eats All By Himself, Lionel does just that, cheekily enjoying the remarkable mess that results.

Lionel is in his highchair and insists on eating all by himself. His veggies—well done, Lionel! His soup—nice one, Lionel! But each bite leaves more and more mess in the room, and on Lionel. Watch out for the big burp to finish off before Dad helps Lionel down from the table.

Cheeky toddler lion Lionel learns about looking after his own body. His mischievous grin puts the reader instantly on his side, and the tolerant voice of his father provides an amused commentary—and incidentally a lovely model for how to parent.

Series includes Lionel Poops.

From the author of Encyclopedia of Grannies

“A completely bonkers, gleefully silly guide to grandmothers of all stripes.” School Library Journal

…and My Pictures after the Storm (3 starred reviews)

“A terrific little book that will amuse all out of proportion to its size.” Wall Street Journal

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