All You Can Eat 5-12 (2021)


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Can You Whistle, Johanna?

Can You Whistle, Johanna? is a funny, sensitive illustrated chapter book about two boys searching for a grandfather and friendship across generations.

It is an international award-winner and a classic in many countries.

Translated by Julia Marshall

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Where Is the Dragon?

Picture Book Winner, Teach Early Years Awards 2021.

A picture book from award-winning Leo Timmers about three silly knights and a clever dragon.

Translated by James Brown


Fossils from Lost Worlds

A large-format non-fiction picture book that describes the incredible creatures that once walked the Earth, with a lively mix of illustrations, comics and facts.

Written and illustrated by Hélène Rajcak and Damien Laverdunt, translated by Daniel Hahn.


Do Animals Fall in Love?

A fully illustrated compendium of astonishing facts about animal reproduction—the birds and the bees, literally.

Bats give birth upside down. Swifts can mate while plummeting through the air. Scorpions attract their partners with a romantic dance. Male humpback whales sing together for days to bring females from many miles away. Dolphin babies come out tail first.

Do Animals Fall in Love? is a compendium of all the weird and wonderful ways the animal kingdom reproduces. Wittily illustrated and frankly told, it covers courting rituals both elaborate and devious, extraordinary physiology, cleverly planned pregnancies, the most devoted fathers and the sweetest animal babies on Earth.

Written by Katharina von der Gathen, illustrated by Anke Kuhl and translated by Shelley Tanaka.


Leilong the Library Bus

A library-loving picture book in which an enthusiastic dinosaur absorbed in storytime threatens to flatten the library—until they decide to take the books outdoors.

Leilong’s friends are taking him to story time at the library. But it’s difficult for a large brontosaurus without a library card to follow all the rules. Especially when Leilong gets caught up in the story and joins in. Is Leilong too big for the library, or is the library too small?

This library-loving picture book reminds us how it feels to be transported by story.

Written by Julia Liu, illustrated by Bei Lynn and translated by Helen Wang.

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Seahorses Are Sold Out

In this high-spirited story about an enterprising only child and a father’s juggle to work from home, one pet for Mika leads to another and another...

Mika’s father works from home and he’s very busy! He can never find time for the promised swimming trip. So Dad allows Mika to choose a pet from the store while he finishes the project—something quiet like a mouse. And so begins a wonderfully turbulent story in which Mika brings home one animal after another… The mouse gets lost so they need a dog to find it. The dog is followed by a seal, the seal a penguin. How many animals can come to stay before a harassed father notices?

This is a high-spirited story about an enterprising only child and a father’s juggle to work from home.

Written by Constanze Spengler, illustrated by Katja Gehrmann and translated by Shelley Tanaka.

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Hattie and Olaf

The audacious and captivating Hattie and her best friend Linda navigate the social politics of their first school years in this funny illustrated chapter book.

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Ebook available wherever you buy your ebooks

Written by Frida Nilsson, illustrated by Stina Wirsén and translated by Julia Marshall.


The Tiny Woman's Coat

In this vibrant rhyming tale of resourcefulness and friendship by one of the world’s great children’s writers, Joy Cowley, illustrated by Giselle Clarkson, the tiny woman makes a coat of leaves—a small book to leave readers snug as a bug.


Dulcinea in the Forbidden Forest

A funny illustrated fairy tale for early readers about the brave and capable Dulcinea, who must save her father from the witch’s spell and get him home to celebrate her birthday.

Written and illustrated by Ole Könnecke, translated by Shelley Tanaka.


No One Is Angry Today

An illustrated collection of thought-provoking stories about how anger doesn't always have to be

Written by Toon Tellegen, illustrated by Marc Boutavant, and translated by David Colmer.


Inside the Suitcase

A magical lift-the-flaps adventure—part puzzle, part fairy tale—where the boy’s suitcase full of tricks and treasures is the key to getting him home.

Written and illustrated by Clotilde Perrin, translated by Daniel Hahn.


The Uprising – The Mapmakers in Cruxcia

A follow-up to the internationally successful The Mapmakers' Race—the Santander children are drawn into a community’s rebellion against a despot and use their mapping skills to avert an environmental scam.

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Written by Eirlys Hunter and illustrated by Kirsten Slade.