All You Can Eat 0-5 (2019)



Ten new books, hand-picked from the best in the world, delivered to your door

A Gecko Press All You Can Eat book subscription is designed for schools, a book-filled present drawer, and large, book hungry families.

You receive all the books we publish in 2019 for this age group in the week they are released, direct to your mailbox. We offer you the Gecko Press guarantee of quality, value and consistency, with books adults and children will want to read again and again.

Because you are subscribing to books before they are published, occasionally a book or a price may change but the subscription will remain for a total value over $265.



Everyone Walks Away

Everyone Walks Away

A beautiful, multi-layered children's book about loneliness, exclusion and belonging.


I Am So Clever

The big bad wolf is back, all dressed up in Grandma’s nightie—but it’s not having quite the effect he was hoping for.


A joyful jumping boardbook to share with babies and toddlers.



Simon discovers girls—and nits—in the new story in this bestselling series.


Monkey On The Run

A traffic jam becomes the ultimate playground for Monkey as he leaps from one vehicle to another, finding stories as he goes

Song of the River

In this quintessential Joy Cowley story, Cam follows the river’s journey from its source in the mountains all the way to the sea.

Otto Goes North

A cosy story about friendship, travel and knitting.

Two for Me, One for You

A new story from the author of bestselling Tickle My Ears:  two friends share three mushrooms...who will get the extra one?

Cornelia and the Jungle Machine

A picture book that takes the young reader into the jungle and immerses them in a filmic universe of mechanical wonders.

The Gobbledegook Book: A Joy Cowley Anthology

Joy Cowley’s favourite stories, poems and nonsense rhymes collected and reillustrated in a hardback gift volume for the family to treasure.


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