Preschoolers Book Subscription


Start a child’s collection with a Gecko Press book subscription for curious readers

Our 2019 subscription for preschoolers is a collection of tried and true Gecko Press books. These have been especially chosen as books we know are firm favourites with preschoolers.

Book subscriptions include postage and a free book with the first mailing, delivered in a personalised envelope, and with surprises such as bookmarks and gift cards in each parcel. The first book and free gift book arrive as soon as you purchase, with one book following each season.


Christmas 2018

Who’s hiding? Who’s crying? Who’s backwards? Look carefully! Is it dog, tiger, hippo, zebra, bear, reindeer, kangaroo, lion, rabbit, giraffe, monkey, bull, rhino, pig, sheep, hen, elephant, or cat?

Also available in Te Reo Maori


Autumn 2019

Simon—the mischievous rabbit from Poo Bum—is back!

Translated by Linda Burgess


Winter 2019

A warm and surprising picture book for children about waiting for a friend.

Translated by Sally-Ann Spencer


Spring 2019

The perfect gift for anyone embarking on a new adventure. You can do it, Bert!

Translated by Catherine Chidgey


Free Book

"Peas? No way! Valdemar may be a little wolf, but he knows what he wants. "
Valdemar's Peas is a cheeky, fresh and fun children's book  that the whole family will enjoy.

Translated by Julia Marshall

Valdemar's Peas Preview